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mercredi 23 avril 2014

Extreme Skater Free shopping Unlocked.apk

Extreme Skater Free shopping Unlocked.apk

Extreme Skater can be played on the iPhone or iPad for $0.99. It's not an universal app, it'll cost you $1.98 if you want it for both devices. For this review I played Extreme Skater on the iPhone.

Pulling off wicked cool tricks while swinging on ropes over dangerous spikes is what Extreme Skater is about. The point of Extreme Skater is to dodge all the obstacles while trying to get as many points and coins as possible before you reach the finish: a dazzling blue crystal. There are a total of 70 levels plus the tutorial levels (more to come) that can give you a ton of gameplay.

While playing Extreme Skater you can collect coins, and use these coins to unlock new characters, boards, and tricks. Tricks really help give this game some added fun. I found myself pulling off an Indy every time I was in the air. You can also buy level skips, or pay real money for in-game coins... you know... if you don't want to play through the game.

Moving around in Extreme Skater is done by tilting your device. It worked very well for the most part, but sometimes I found myself having to tilt my phone a lot for my skater to even start thinking about tilting. Tilting your device only controls the direction of your skater. There were times I was stuck because I couldn't move. Allowing the skater to move right or left when I tilted would have helped a little, but this happened very rarely.

There are two different areas out of the 70 levels: Jungle Adventures, and Urban Mayhem. It would have been nice to see the 70 levels split into thirds so we could have one more change of scenery. Each area has different obstacles that you have to overcome. I loved swinging, or gliding on the ropes while hitting speed boosts over a deadly obstacles. I also loved going off giant jumps and finding new paths to a level, which is an added bonus because there's more than one way to complete the levels.

There are also goals you can complete if you want even more gameplay. Each level has three goals that you can complete, like "do a Pop Shove It into a triple backflip Indy." Sounds awesome right? Well that's just some of the cool tricks you'll be doing if you decide to complete these goals. Again, these goals are completely optional.

Final Say: Extreme Skater isn't the most original game out there, but for $0.99 you'll get your money's worth. The tilting was decent, but a way to give your skater a small push could have helped. Also, I might not have an iPad yet, but I probably will in the future and I was a little disappointed that this game wasn't universal. With 70 levels, plus goals to complete, you'll get a couple of hours of fun gameplay.  If you're looking for a fun game to skate through then pick up Extreme Skater.

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