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samedi 12 avril 2014

Free Calls and SMS Globally with Viber - Appel Viber Gratuit

  Free Calls and SMS Globally with Viber - Appel Viber Gratuit

viber free calls sms

Viber is a unique type of application for Android and iOS which allows you to have free calls and sms globally, the only requirement is that you either have a 3G or wifi connection ready.

The thing which differentiates Viber from other apps like Nimbuzz, Skype, Gtalk or Yahoo is that it uses your Cell Number, rather than any User ID.
It works like this, you and your friend anywhere in the world install the viber app, verify your numbers and then open the app and use the keypad to dial the number (yes cellphone number) of your friend and your friend will receive a instant call just like they are receiving it from a GSM or CDMA network, no sign ups nothing.
viber setup
The viber app runs in the background and you get instant notification as soon as you receive any calls or sms from your friends contacting you using Viber.
This app also works great on your wifi iPad too, you only need to verify your cell number, once verified you can send free sms and call to anyone globally using your iPad.
You can download Viber app from Android Market Place and Apple App Store for free.

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