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mardi 22 avril 2014

Many Tricks Witch v3.9.2 MacOSX 2014

Witch v3.9.2 MacOSX

Witch v3.9.2 MacOSX | 4.06 Mb

Many Tricks Witch v3.9.2 MacOSX 2014

Witch allows you to switch directly between not only applications (as you can do with Command-Tab), but windows as well. Instead of switching applications first, then windows, use Witch to switch directly to your desired window. If you're coming to the Mac from Windows, you'll find Witch a natural-feeling replacement for Windows' ability to switch directly to windows.
Witch optionally works across Spaces, too, allowing you to easily switch to windows in any other Space.
You can even define global hot keys for useful tasks such as releasing or closing all minimized windows, or zooming the frontmost window.
The first time you quit Witch, a dialog will appear asking if you'd like Witch to run in the background. Say yes, and you can then switch away without seeing Witch in the Dock. You can access the settings panel at any time by either double-clicking the application, or by pressing comma while the Witch panel is onscreen.

What's New in Version 3.9.2

- Fixed a Spaces issue in Mountain Lion
- Fixed an issue that prevented preview images from showing in Mountain Lion
- Fixed an issue that would cause duplicate entries for windows from certain third party apps

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