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mardi 8 avril 2014

Telecharger gratuit Galaxy Factions Cheat Kit Android & IOS Download - 2014

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Dominate the galaxy in an exciting 3D Sci-Fi combat strategy experience!
Gather resources and loot equipment to build your simple space station into a massive fortress while you muster an army, recruit special Heroes with unique abilities, and destroy your enemies. Make alliances to bolster your forces and conquer even more, but beware—your friends may be waiting for the right moment to strike…
Galaxy Factions Cheat Kit – Download Hack for Android and iOS

-Add Matterium!
-Add Crystals!
-Add Energus!
-Auto Detect Device

How to use Galaxy Factions Cheat Kit?
1. Plug-in your device to the computer.
2. Be sure that you have Galaxy Factions installed on your device.
3. Select your system and press “detect device” button.
4. Check and enter an amount of features.
5. Press “Generate” button.
6. Wait for a while, then open the game.

How to Download?
1. Click the “Download” button.
2. There is a window with a few surveys.
3. Choose one offer and simply fill it out. Most of the surveys last about one-two minutes.
4. After you have filled one survey, download will start immediately.

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