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dimanche 4 mai 2014

Cracked Curse Voice

 Cracked Curse Voice

Cracked Curse Voice free software to games in League of Lgends. Curse Voice Crack publish for free for you, my dear players! The Curse Voice is free and thanks to him now you will better! This program will help you to communicate with players. It shows the exact time respawn baron and Nashor. Communication between players is easier and you can talk to a girl;). Feel free to download and wish you have fun 

Cracked Curse Voice

Curse Voice is here with the first in-game overlay add on for the popular MOBA, League of Legends. Including buff timers, a chat function, and more, Curse Voice adds a whole new element to the game.

Dragon and Baron Timers
Pictured above, you can see the two small graphics Curse Voice Beta adds to the left side of the minimap. Displaying green if the monster is live, and red if dead, it also starts a countdown for the buffs if your team defeats the monster.
The answer to the question on everyone’s mind: If the other team defeats it, the timer will notcountdown unless you have it warded. If your team does not have vision, the timer will read “Live” until someone on your team discovers it’s gone, which will then change to “Dead.”

Cracked Curse Voice

Teammate Ult Timers
Teammate communication takes a turn for the better with this aspect of Curse Voice Beta. 5…It’s difficult to keep typing the countdown to your ult 4…. while doing 3…. so many other 2…things. Now you can see exactly when that ult necessary to engage with comes up without having to stop what you’re doing to rely on chat. 

Cracked Curse Voice

In-Game Chat System
Cracked Curse Voice

This feature is incredible in theory. When you enter champion selection, Curse Voice Beta will pop up and ask you to create a chat. If you select yes, a chat box pops up (like Skype) with a copy-and-paste URL. Whoever clicks on this URL will automatically join your chat. There are many, many pros to this feature:
  • Eliminates asking others for his/her Skype information.
  • Creates a way to talk with your team during solo/duo queue.
  • Features a way to mute yourself/adjust volume in-game (no more tabbing!)
  • Features a way to mute others in-game (still no tabbing!)
The only concern I have here is whether players will actually use this feature. It’s no secret that Skype is the go-to chat client. While many have tried to rival it, such as Razor Comms, none have succeeded in knocking the Skype giant off its pedestal.

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