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mardi 6 mai 2014

Dark Souls 2 RETAiL/STEAM v1.02 + 24 Trainer

Dark Souls 2 RETAiL/STEAM v1.02 +24 Trainer

This trainer is originally made by iNVOKE so all credits to him, i simply updated it.

I can proudly say this is a trainer truly made with the help of community and its a first for us so thank you all for that. I initially wanted to make this a paid trainer to make myself be able to get the game but then decided not to because so many of you awesome people came up and helped with whatever i asked. 

Thanks to these testers without them you all would have to wait for like a day for the trainer and they made this trainer possible so thank you silvershot6110, thedude94, the 100th post dude (Tassadar) and actually pretty much everyone else.

Alright here is the trainer. 

     NUMPAD1   -        Never Die
     NUMPAD2   -        Add 1000 Souls
     NUMPAD3   -        Infinite Stamina
     NUMPAD4   -        Increase Max Health by 100
     NUMPAD5   -        One Hit Kills
     NUMPAD6   -        Mass Kills              (READ NOTES)
     NUMPAD7   -        Decrease Max Health by 100
     NUMPAD8   -        Increase Souls Memory
     NUMPAD9   -        Infinite Belt Slot Items
     NUMPAD0   -        Infinite Durability(Equipment/Weapons/Items)

     F3        -        Infinite Torch
     F4        - Infinite Item Usage
     F5        -    Infinite Souls (999999999)
     F6        -    Decrease Souls Memory
     F7        -    Super Stats/Attributes
     F8        -    Reset Stats/Attributes

     F9        -        BACK TO NORMAL

More options are obviously going to be added as we play the game ourselves. Please note i am using my new engine with this game made with some new features such as a hotkey customizer and so any feedback will be greatly appreciated. It is based on STN's engine though so thanks a lot to him. I have greatly modded it though.

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